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my work over the years

Over the years, I have done acrylic paintings, watercolor, digital art, illustration, mixed media artwork, realism, impressionism, abstract art, portrait art... Even face painting and courtroom sketching for my local news!


In the last couple years, I have done a huge amount of watercolor portraits, both human and animal. My pet portraits are wildly popular. I even wrote, illustrated, and self-published a children's book at the very end of 2020 about Type 1 Diabetes (check it out here). 


My favorite type of painting, when I'm left to do my own thing, is my own special brand of modern impressionism. I love playing with color and line and shape. That is where I want to focus on growing in 2022, and why I am now limiting my custom artwork options. I want to make room to grow into the style I love best.

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