Frequently Asked Questions

"How do I book custom artwork?"


As of 1/04/2022, the new process for booking custom artwork will be as follows:

  1. First, go to my Etsy shop.

  2. Check out the custom artwork section to see what I am currently offering.  NOTE: If you do not see this section, that means that my schedule is currently full. Check back!

  3. Pick what you want and check out.  NOTE: Just because an item is in your cart, that does NOT prevent someone else from placing the order. You need to check-out fully in order to book the slot. 



"What kind of custom artwork can I order? What sizes do you offer for custom artwork?"


As of 1/04/2022, these are the type and size options available for custom artwork -- NO EXCEPTIONS:

  • Watercolor Portrait (Single Subject, bust only, no background detail):  8"x10", 11"x14", 16"x20"

  • Watercolor Portrait (2-Subject, bust only, no background detail):  11"x14", 16"x20", 18"x24"

  • Watercolor Portrait (3-Subject, some body if needed at artist's discretion, no background detail):  16"x20", 18"x24"

  • Watercolor Painting of a Candid Photograph (includes background): 11"x14"


"What is your turnaround time?"


If you have booked projects with me prior to 2022, you'll know that in the past it used to be MONTHS between booking and delivery. This was because I was constantly playing catch-up with my schedule since I started doing this full-time in late 2017. 

BUT GREAT NEWS! I have restructured and streamlined, and now my turnaround time for custom projects will be
 up to 4 weeks from the time you order on my Etsy shop to the time I ship out.

NOTE: No rush orders. Ever.



“Why are you always so adamant about getting good reference photos for a project?"


To put it as simply as possible: good reference photos can make or break a project. And if you are ordering a custom piece of artwork, then the burden of providing a good reference photo is squarely on your shoulders, as the customer.


Whether you’re looking for a portrait of a certain person, a portrait of a certain animal, or an artistic recreation of a photograph, there is one thing you NEED to know: As the artist, I need the reference photo that you provide me with to work from to be as good as possible in order for a painting to turn out as nice as possible.

In the past, I have legitimately had people give me snapchat photos with heavy, silly filters applied for portraits. Unless you want me to paint you with dog ears and giant eyes exactly like that photo, it will not work. Sorry.


So what does “good” mean in terms of a reference photo? I'll break it down by type of project here. 


  • Their face should already be pretty prominently shown in the reference photo. They should NOT be in the background of the reference photo.

  • It should not be blurry.

  • There should be no or minimal glare.

  • If possible, it should NOT be a photo of a photo.

  • If possible, it should NOT be a photocopy on printer paper of a photo.

  • There should not be obvious motion distortions. No motion blur.

  • The resolution should be as high as possible.

  • Photo should never be pixelated.

  • It should be taken as straight on as possible. It should absolutely not be taken from some wild angle. If you take a selfie from above yourself to show off your outfit, that is NOT a good reference photo for a portrait.

  • If you want a profile type of portrait, or a more candid portrait where the subject is NOT looking at the camera, the angle can be a little more flexible. But please know that if you give me some wildly angled photo and expect me to straighten it out, that's not what I will be doing. I will be painting it exactly as shown -- from that wild angle. Avoid if possible.

  • Avoid red-eye or eye glare. 

  • Avoid any washed out photos that are too bright on the white areas.

  • Avoid any photos that are way too dark. I cannot paint what I can't see.

  • I am not stitching together multiple photos for a single subject portrait any more. I will no longer take one head and put it on another body. Lighting and angles rarely match and I don't want to do it anymore.

  • I can stitch together multiple reference photos for multiple-subject portraits, but please AVOID if at all possible. If you must submit multiple photos, please try to get them as close as possible to the same angles and lighting as you can. Again, these reference photos will make or break the project... and if the reference photos don't line up well or work together, it is much harder to deliver a good final product.


All of the above pretty much applies except I have a little more flexibility in terms of reference photo detail. I am often asked to recreate old family photos from generations past, and these are obviously not the best quality. I can work with these. They will have some artistic interpretation, but I can work with them. I will do my absolute best. But please do your best to provide the highest quality reference photo that you can. And be open to some artistic interpretation, like in this photo shown here.


I will communicate with you more on this when you

decide to place an order; a customer should send me

their reference photos within 48 hours of placing an

order so I can look at them and decide if an order can

proceed or if we need new photos. If the photos you

provide won't work, I will let you know and give you a

chance to replace them within. If it simply won't work

out due to reference photos, I will start a refund of

your order within 48 hours of placing it. I am happy to

help you find a good reference photo we can use!

Oh, and no stock photos or stolen photos off the

internet. You must own the photos we use for

your project.

Once more, with feeling... A GOOD REFERENCE PHOTO 

CAN MAKE OR BREAK A PROJECT, and providing a good

reference photo is the responsibility of the client in

order to ensure a wonderful final project.



"What happens if my reference photos are less than ideal?"


If, after reading the above FAQ about reference photos, you have any doubts about the reference photo you want to use, you can shoot me a message at my email or on my Etsy page through the messaging system there.


If your photos won't work for a portrait, I will let you know so you can try to find a replacement. If it's the only photo you have of someone, we can discuss per project. As I have shouted from the rooftops, good reference photos are vital, but I understand in some circumstances there is no way around what you have at your disposal, especially if it's an old photo from multiple decades prior. If it's absolutely impossible to work from your photo, I will let you know and start processing a refund of your order within 48 hours of order placement. 




"Hey will you draw my tattoo?"


I am flattered that you would trust me with something that would permanently be on your body, but no. I would HIGHLY recommend finding a good tattoo artist who specializes in the type of design you want. Their prices will include translating whatever design or artwork you take in anyway into something that is suitable for the unique way that skin takes ink, and I am simply not trained for that.  If you see a design of mine that you would like as a tattoo please send me an email to check first.



"Can you do a t-shirt design for me?"


No, I am no longer offering graphic design services in any capacity. 



"Can you design my logo?"


No, I am no longer offering graphic design services in any capacity.



"Can you paint me as a pirate (or any other type of random character?)"


In the past, I have done this. I have painted people as Star Wars characters and cowboys, etc... But I am no longer offering this type of artwork.  



“What happens if my painting or print gets damaged or lost in shipping?”


When I ship a piece of artwork, I protect and package it appropriately, and I make sure to mark it as “fragile.” However, once it leaves my hands, I have pretty much as much control as you do, which is zero. Unfortunately, sometimes things still go wrong with the shipper. That’s why I always get insurance when I ship if it’s applicable to the shipment. All original paintings or custom projects ship with insurance.


A print is easily replaced and simply reshipped -- it would take a little extra time, but it’s not a hard fix. 


For an original…well, it would depend on if you simply wanted the refund after the insurance claim came back or if you wanted me to try to repaint it with a longer timeline. Thankfully, I have not had to worry about this situation yet. Fingers crossed it never happens.





“What is your return and/or refund policy?



For domestic shipments, if an item arrives damaged, with proof of damage, I will replace the item as soon as possible with basic shipping. If a replacement is not possible, I will refund the order. For international shipments, if there is damage and you'd like a refund, please send me proof of damage, and I will issue a refund. All messaging regarding returns/refunds must go through my Etsy shop.

ORIGINAL ARTWORK ORDERS (not custom orders):

No refunds or returns once the item ships out.


If you change your mind about a custom artwork order, you must notify me within 48 hours of your order through Etsy. No refunds or returns beyond 48 hours of your order.



“Where can I buy your book?"


My book is not on Amazon; instead you can purchase it directly through me at this link. Contact me directly via email at if you are interested in bulk or bulk pricing, though!



"How can I support you financially on a regular basis?"


Any purchase helps support me financially, but if you'd like to contribute to the cause and help me grow as an artist, you can sign up to support me on a monthly basis on Patreon for as little as $1 per month! 

Support tiers include: $1/monthly, $5/monthly, $10/monthly, and $50/monthly. And now, as of 2022, you can sign up for an entire year all at once, with a 10% discount if you give your support up front!

Patreon is a great way to support the independent artists that you love. Like in the days of the Renaissance, artists might have patrons that helped them survive while they created art. That's what you would be doing, too!



"Where can I follow you on social media?"










"Can I send you a tip?"


You're so sweet! Thank you so so much! Of course you can! If you'd like to send me a tip you can send it by clicking this button:


"How can I contact you directly?"


You can reach out to me on either of my Facebook business pages, or you can send me an email at But a reminder: all custom artwork orders are now being booked through Etsy per the FAQ above, not through email or messaging.

Please do not contact me via text or personal accounts to discuss business if at all possible.