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What do I do?

Sometimes I laugh when people ask me what do I do for a living. I make things. I make art. That's the short answer. 

The longer answer would be something along the lines of: I make things. I make art. I do a lot of watercolor portraits, both human and animal. My pet portraits are wildly popular. I also do other types of watercolor paintings, too. I paint with acrylic on canvas. My favorite type of painting is my own special brand of impressionism when I'm left to own devices. I love playing with color and line and shape. I also do digital illustration. I wrote and illustrated and self-published a children's book recently about Type 1 Diabetes (check it out here). I have designed cards and puzzles. I do face painting (during non-pandemic times) for parties and festivals. I have done courtroom sketching for the local news. 

So you see... it is simplest to say, "I make things. I make art."